Symmetry leads to stagnation, but balance builds unity and cooperation. In relationships, one cannot simply exist as the opposite of the other, there must be movement, flexibility, and constant small changes in order to maintain harmony.

Tom and Julie have reached a stale patch in their marriage. The routine and symmetry of middle-aged life have exhausted the possibility of excitement and adventure from their lives. After Tom rebuffs Julie’s half-hearted attempt at rekindling a spark, Tom senses that his wife may be looking in other places for that fire, specifically their spin instructor Cristof. His fear of an affair shatters the symmetry of their lives causing both to realize once apart the subtle beauty of what they had. They work to rebuild their balance by accepting the need for compromise.


Phil Morales as Tom Byrd

Kim Kaczorowski as Julie Byrd

Aaron Paderewski as Cristof

Ann Robb as The Marriage Counselor

Produced by

Saira Membreno & Cecyl Caban

Written & Directed by

Grey Gowder


1st Assistant Director - Scott McKinney

PostProduction Supervisor - Jia Qiu

Cinematographer - Andy Amores