Meraki is LIVE

Welcome back, everyone. Today, I am thrilled to announce that Meraki is live.

I had the pleasure of producing this series of shorts with Calvin Bellas and Dani Ramirez during our time at the Savannah College of Art & Design. The Greek word Meraki can best be translated as the soul, creativity, and love put into something, or rather, the essence of yourself that you put into your work. That is certainly true for the crew of this film, along with the incredible student athletes that this series features.

Director & Cinematographer Calvin Bellas and Producer-Editor Daniel Ramirez captured the soul of creativity and passion in a diverse group of student-athletes at one of America's prestigious art colleges. These artist athletes from the Swimming, Cycling, Soccer, Tennis, Fishing, and Bowling teams span a wide variety of majors and creative concentrations, each defining them in a unique way.


For Ryleigh Tyson, her soul and creativity can be found in the love she has for competitive fishing. As a collegiate angler and an Industrial Design student at the Savannah College of Art & Design, Ryleigh worked to perfect her craft in design and in fishing with custom-made rods and reels. Today, she represents 13Fishing as both a designer and as a competitor, continuing to pursue her passion.

For Suhail Jamal, his soul and creativity can be found in the love he has for soccer and architecture. As a collegiate athlete and an Architecture student at the Savannah College of Art & Design, Suhail worked to perfect his craft on and off the field in architectural design and with his teammates. Like soccer, architecture requires a team to succeed. Through a well-laid plan and a unified effort, the team can transform a creative abstract concept into a well-build and functioning structure capable of success. Though he no longer plays competitive soccer, Suhail maintains his passion for creativity with a new team at an architecture firm.

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W. Grey Gowder
Go DP, That's My DP

Congratulations to Conrad Laga, longtime collaborator with Grey, for winning Best Cinematography for our film Sharp at the Georgia Documentary Film Festival 2018 this past weekend. Conrad created a truly beautiful short documentary in Sharp so we are delighted to have his hard work and dedication rewarded. It only makes it more special that this was his Graduate Thesis film at the Savannah College of Art and design.

Director Diana Gorin and Grey represented the film in Midtown Atlanta and were delighted to surprise Conrad with this incredible news.

The festival was lightly attended due to the Atlanta Pride Festival taking place a few blocks away but we were delighted with how well the film was taken care of by Festival Director Caroline King and he wonderful staff. We will be returning to this festival in the future with more documentaries.

Southern Shorts Awards - A Winning Festival
Black Merit Laurels.png

This past weekend, Songs from the Deep screened at the Southern Shorts Awards in Roswell, Georgia. Hosted by Festival Director Stephen Sherwood, the festival is a celebration of independent filmmaking and of the short film. Stephen and his team were fantastic in making this a filmmaker-centric experience where each film was treated with respect and care. Luckily, many of the filmmakers were able to attend so it was a wonderful opportunity to share a diverse selection of films with their creators.

The evening Awards Ceremony, broadcast live on Roku, was the culmination of an exciting and educating day. Songs from the Deep was a nominee for Best of Made in Georgia and was awarded the Award of Excellence in the Made in Georgia category. The film was represented by Grey Gowder, Co-Producer Xixi Zhu, and Composer Dillon Kelly. We were honored to have this film recognized and were thrilled to share it with the other filmmakers.

The next stop for this film is in New York’s East Village, so we are excited to return to the New Filmmakers Film Festival with a new film to share.

W. Grey Gowder
A Distribution Deal for "Songs from the Deep"
SFTD - Poster.jpg

Following the success of “Songs from the Deep” at the Southern Shorts Awards and the 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival, “Songs from the Deep” has received a limited licensing deal on PeachFlicks, a Roku channel devoted to promoting films and filmmakers from Georgia.

PeachFlicks is a Georgia-based Roku channel that promotes films made in Georgia and films made by Georgians.

As they state on their site, “We go beyond features and documentaries and include shorts, webisodes, podcasts, interviews, music videos, concert footage and live events. If it's quality ... and it's independently produced in Georgia, we want it on PeachFlicks.”

It is an honor to have “Songs from the Deep” alongside these other films and media from Georgia and exciting to have a first distribution deal.

W. Grey Gowder
Southern Shorts Awards for "Songs from the Deep"
Gold Merit Laurels.png

We are thrilled to announce that “Songs from the Deep” has been selected to the Southern Shorts Awards in Roswell, Georgia, an historic suburb of Atlanta.

The film will screen in the Made In Georgia block of the Summer 2018 Showcase on October 13th. The film will be screening at 1:30pm at The Aurora Cineplex in Roswell, Georgia.

Southern Shorts Awards is a seasonal competition in which each entry is judged on its’ own merits.

As the programmers at Southern Shorts Awards state on their festival page, the festival offers a level playing ground for filmmakers to have their work judged by a panel of three industry professionals who score the films based on nine criteria: Originality, Screenplay, Direction, Casting, Cinematography, Audio, Editing, Music, and Production Design.

The judges then nominate worthy projects for Awards of Merit. Awards of Excellence are given to films which exhibit higher levels of creativity and ability, Awards of Distinction are given to films of professional quality, and the Orson Award is given to those rare films which show true genius.

“Songs from the Deep” was given Awards of Merit in Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Music, for outstanding work by a Producer, Production Design, Sound Design, and Visual Effects. The film is also nominated for Best of “Made In Georgia”.

The awards ceremony will take place at the end of the festival that evening.