A Distribution Deal for "Songs from the Deep"

SFTD - Poster.jpg

Following the success of “Songs from the Deep” at the Southern Shorts Awards and the 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival, “Songs from the Deep” has received a limited licensing deal on PeachFlicks, a Roku channel devoted to promoting films and filmmakers from Georgia.

PeachFlicks is a Georgia-based Roku channel that promotes films made in Georgia and films made by Georgians.

As they state on their site, “We go beyond features and documentaries and include shorts, webisodes, podcasts, interviews, music videos, concert footage and live events. If it's quality ... and it's independently produced in Georgia, we want it on PeachFlicks.”

It is an honor to have “Songs from the Deep” alongside these other films and media from Georgia and exciting to have a first distribution deal.


W. Grey Gowder