Southern Shorts Awards for "Songs from the Deep"

Gold Merit Laurels.png

We are thrilled to announce that “Songs from the Deep” has been selected to the Southern Shorts Awards in Roswell, Georgia, an historic suburb of Atlanta.

The film will screen in the Made In Georgia block of the Summer 2018 Showcase on October 13th. The film will be screening at 1:30pm at The Aurora Cineplex in Roswell, Georgia.

Southern Shorts Awards is a seasonal competition in which each entry is judged on its’ own merits.

As the programmers at Southern Shorts Awards state on their festival page, the festival offers a level playing ground for filmmakers to have their work judged by a panel of three industry professionals who score the films based on nine criteria: Originality, Screenplay, Direction, Casting, Cinematography, Audio, Editing, Music, and Production Design.

The judges then nominate worthy projects for Awards of Merit. Awards of Excellence are given to films which exhibit higher levels of creativity and ability, Awards of Distinction are given to films of professional quality, and the Orson Award is given to those rare films which show true genius.

“Songs from the Deep” was given Awards of Merit in Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Music, for outstanding work by a Producer, Production Design, Sound Design, and Visual Effects. The film is also nominated for Best of “Made In Georgia”.

The awards ceremony will take place at the end of the festival that evening.