Chronicling Collegiate Creative Collaboration

This fall, a talented and diverse group of students from a wide variety of studies will gather in Room 300A of Kiah Hall at the Savannah College of Art and Design. There, they will be generating ideas that may directly shape our future. 

SCAD is collaborating with Ford Motor Company to research and develop concepts that envision how technology, data, connectivity and content will revolutionize the modern vehicle experience. These mobility changes will address changes with the transportation infrastructure, how and where vehicles will be used, the transformation of the vehicle function and form, and the role that content creators will play in shaping the new journey.

The car became the focal point of American culture in the 1950s. What will American culture look like twenty years from now when the autonomous vehicle becomes mainstream? In a new and ambitious documentary, witness as students from Industrial Design, Writing, Game Design, Film, Sequential Art, and many other programs come together to tackle the question of how Americans and potentially human beings will transport themselves from point A to point B decades from now, and how the foundations of this cultural transformation can begin today. 

W. Grey Gowder