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For You


Jump Castle Riot


Charleston, South Carolina, US



"This was a first for both the band and for Grey. Both wanted to explore the music video genre while establishing a fun identity through a video that introduced the band through classic music video tropes but with a little bit of magic added to it. Grey loves playing with magical realism and illusion in his work so he pitched this project as the "I have a dream" scene from the beginning of a musical where Nina imagines her future band."

“As for the video, that was done under the supervision of filmmaker Grey Gowder. “One of my favorite things about working with Grey was how holistic his approach was,” says Raalte. “Before we dove into the details of shooting, we sat around and talked about the band: our history, what the song meant to us, our idiosyncrasies. Even if it didn’t directly make it into the video, all of that influenced his understanding of our vibe and how to make a video that fit us.””

— Jay Van Raalte (band leader/guitarist)

Directed and Produced by Grey Gowder

Cinematography by Spencer Hehl

Special thanks for support from Lyle Michos (Camera Operator), Garrett Monk (Gaffer), Ryan Roberts (Grip), Patrick Price (Grip), Calvin Bellas (Colorist), Tim Fennell, Trident Technical College, and Parrot Surf Shop.

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