Jamie's Girl


Grey Gowder


Savannah, GA, USA



"'Jamie's Girl' displays a surreal mood as the ballerina subtly emerges as a spirit confined by a possesive eerie presence challenging reality and generating an abrupt shift of mood."


-- Vlad Dorofte, BELIFF  

This film follows a classic "Be Careful What You Wish For" fairytale style with a heightened visual style reminiscent of "Pan's Labyrinth". It emerged from a collaboration with Cecyl Caban, Producer, for her MFA thesis. She presented me a script by Brooklyn Alexander about a warped and malicious imaginary friend who takes revenge on his creator for abandoning him to other boys. This film is barely recognizable when placed up against its original source material but the basic themes of childish innocence and the naive lack of awareness of consequence translates directly into the main idea found in Jamie's Girl. 


Hannah Sharp as Allie

Dylan Bethany as Jamie

Produced by

Cecyl Caban & Lucy Phipps-Kaye

Written & Directed by

Grey Gowder


Cinematographer - Conrad Laga

Gaffer - Andy Amores

1st Assistant Director - Scott McKinney

Sound Supervisor - Peter Turner III

Art Director - Sasha van Schalkwyk