Calvin Bellas


Georgia, United States



A high-energy adventure series of films by Calvin Bellas featuring the artist-athletes of the Savannah College of Art & Design Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Fishing, Bowling, and Cycling teams produced by Grey Gowder and Producer-Editor Daniel Ramirez.

Meraki: The Essence of An Artist Athlete

The Greek word Meraki can best be translated as the soul, creativity, and love put into something, or rather, the essence of yourself that you put into your work.

Director & Cinematographer Calvin Bellas and Producer-Editor Daniel Ramirez seek to capture the soul of creativity and passion in a diverse group of student-athletes at one of America's prestigious art colleges. These artist athletes from the Swimming, Cycling, Soccer, Tennis, Fishing, and Bowling teams span a wide variety of majors and creative concentrations, each defining them in a unique way.

In order to capture the beauty, passion, and soul of these artist athletes, Calvin, Grey, and Daniel created a series of cinematic shorts, infused with an ambitious documentary style to seamlessly merge the athleticism and creativity of the artists, while showcasing their personalities and pursuits. These short films are dynamic, passionate, empowering, motivating, insightful, and, most of all, genuine. 

Just like our subjects, the crew represents an extremely talented and diverse team of student filmmakers from around the globe. This team had the cameras, the gear, the athletes, the passion, and the beautiful locations around Savannah, Georgia to make this film truly special. 

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Industrial Design & Angling


Architecture & Men's Soccer