Short Films

While pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Film & Television Production, Grey began producing and directing short films. After graduating, he continues to produce short-form content like music videos and ads for clients between his long-form work.  

Grey shot, edited, wrote, and performed the voiceover for this 60 second ad spot for the South Carolina Seafood Alliance. The video features Lady's Island Oyster Company, Steamboat Creek Oysters, and Charleston Oyster Company, and was funded through a grant from South Carolina Sea Grant to the SC Seafood Alliance. 

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Grey was hired by Bee Cause, an educational non-profit dedicated to teaching children and community groups about the importance of bees, to create a vertical "virtual beehive" installation piece that would alternate a series of animated scenes with "live" looks at the inside of a hive. Grey learned how to use Adobe AfterEffects to bring to life previously-created infographics being used by Bee Cause for the animated scenes and also trimmed and stacked four versions of the same bee box frame footage at different in and out points to make the hive look alive. Some color, sound design, and silly music brought the project fully to life. It can now be found in stores, museums, and classrooms across the country. 

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"This was a first for both the band and for Grey. Both wanted to explore the music video genre while establishing a fun identity through a video that introduced the band through classic music video tropes but with a little bit of magic added to it. Grey loves playing with magical realism and illusion in his work so he pitched this project as the "I have a dream" scene from the beginning of a musical where Nina imagines her future band."

-- Charleston City Paper

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"Sharp" (2018)

In her own words, artist and Industrial Design student Lotti Zeiler traces the origins and evolution of her relationship with the craft of designing and forging knives. From her earliest inspirations, to her early struggles with her craft, to her transformed philosophy on life, and ambitions for the future, we see her skills in action as she designs, forges, and refines a blade to completion. In a way, Lotti's journey as an artist mirrors the creation of her knives. It all begins with an idea which is refined and shaped, forged and hammered, polished and sharped into its finished form with all of the beauty and minute imperfections of its creator. A knife is a story, and these are Lotti's knives.

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The story of the iconic Appalachian Trail and the dedicated volunteers who partner with the National Parks Service and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to maintain and preserve it for future generations.

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In 1979, Earth-based radio telescopes captured a brief repetition of pulses coming from the Cetus constellation. NASA-sponsored listening stations sprung up across the most isolated places on Earth, manned by young scientists eager to be the first to make contact. Forty years later, DOCTOR JOSEPH SINGER, the last of those young scientists, continues to listen with his artificial intelligence assistant SALLE for a signal that we are not alone. But when funding is cut to his program, and a lifetime of sacrifice seems to have been for nothing, Dr. Singer is forced to reconnect with the world of his past and in doing so discover the power of Earth’s other voices to make contact.

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A high energy adventure series of films by Calvin Bellas featuring the artist-athletes of the Savannah College of Art & Design Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Fishing, Bowling, and Cycling teams.

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"'Jamie's Girl' displays a surreal mood as the ballerina subtly emerges as a spirit confined by a possessive eerie presence challenging reality and generating an abrupt shift of mood." -- Vlad Dorofte, BELIFF